Interesting facts about Romania


Friends, the country that we are going to visit you today is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.


So friends the capital of this country is called Little Paris, which is named Bucharest. This country has the highest wooden church in the world and also this country is also called very haunted.

Friends, today we are going to visit Romania a very beautiful country in Europe. So let’s pack your bags and I will take you on a trip to Romania digitally, as well as tell you that if you ever get a chance to go to Romania, which is the place where you can go and have fun.


Friends, Romania is bounded by Ukraine, Moldova, Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary and country while the Black Sea is also present on one side. The total population of this country is 1.96 crores. Around 2 crores of which 56% people live in the city and the same 44% in the village. Friends, there are many countries in the world where people have to face many problems regarding their homes. The country either has a large population or a large number of migrants settle, due to which a large number of people either live on rent or on the pavement due to poverty.

But Romania is a country where people do not have a tradition of living in a rented house. Yes, 97% of the people here live in their own house and 3% are people who live in rented houses and that too people from outside country. If you are going to this country for work, then the company makes you provide accommodation. There is no concept of living in a rented house in this country.

Romanian people love their culture very much, that is why 75% of the people in Romania speak only the Romanian language and very few people speak English.

Romania is a very small country, but when it comes to development, it is counted among the top countries of Europe, it is a very beautiful country, the people here are also very kind and helpful.

This country is as beautiful as it is hunted. Yes! It is said that there is no dearth of black magic makers in this country and there are many people here who can tell you the story about soul and ghost, and scare you.


Friends, in the European Organization, Bucharest the capital of Romania is the most populous after paris. The reason that most people live in Bucharest is that it provides the most employment. By the way, let us tell you that the people of Romania prefer to do their own business more than doing jobs. This is the mindset of the people here that “do what you want to do for yourself”

Always be

A first rate version of


And not

A second rate version of

Someone else.

– Judy Garland

The people of Romania love celebrating the festival. The most special of the festivals celebrated here are the Ladies Festival and the Flower Festival. Which mainly focuses on women. Apart from this, every festival is celebrated with great pomp in this country.

The people of Romania are party lovers. I remembered from the party, Romania is a very small country but let me tell you that the people here are very ahead in the matter of drinking alcohol. You will be surprised to know that the people here come at number five on the list of the most alcohol consuming country in Europe. The people of Romania welcome the guests with wine. Just as water is given in our country, wine is given in this country.

The people of Romania are very music lovers. And the best part is that the people living in the village have prepared their own folk music, which keeps on playing in the village all the time.

When it comes to the most beautiful road in the world, Romania comes first. The quality of road made in this country is considered to be the best. And here you go to any where, you will get the top class road, even in the hilly area you get such a good road as if you are driving on a highway. 

Friends, this country joined the European Union in 2007.  Since then people here can travel in any country of Europe without visa.

Romania’s capital Bucharest is worldwide popular for its parliament building. Do you know why? You will be surprised to know that this building is the heaviest building in the world.  The building is 240 meters long 86 meters high and 270 meters wide. Which has 12 floors. It is believed that about 3 billion Euros was spent to build this building.

People here love flowers very much, here you will see beautiful flowers everywhere. It is said that a lot of trees are spoiled here due to the cold, otherwise the view here during the summer looks very amazing. You will see freshness all around here.

Cărturești Carusel

Romania’s capital Bucharest has the world’s most beautiful book library. It’s name is Cărturești Carusel. which was opened in 2015. It is said that whoever comes here definitely buys the book from here. Also, let us tell you that you will find every famous book in the world here, so if you are fond of books, then definitely visit this place.

do you know? Where is the fastest 4G internet speed in the world? That is Romania. It is said about here, no matter where you go in any corner, you will get the maximum speed of 4G here.The internet has an average speed of 38.6 Mbps compared to the whole world.

The people here are also amazing, the world’s largest flag was built here. In 2013, the flag was built here 349 by 227 meters long. A 44 miles long thread was used to make the flag. Think how big a flag would have become.

Now I tell you that if you get a chance to visit the country of Romania, then where can you go to roam.

Dracula castle, Brasov

Dracula Castle is built in the city of Brasov, Romania. This palace is surrounded by mountains and greenery. From this palace you can see the whole city of Brasov. Famous all over the world, this palace was built by the villagers for protection from invasion. This palace is famous for vampires. Whenever you go to Romania, then definitely visit here.


Bucharest is a scenic spot. Where to roam feels like a paradise. Apart from this, you can also see the sights from Sibiu, Sighisora, Brasov, Timisoara and Cluj. If you want to enjoy the nightlife, then Capital City is the best place. Here you can also have a late night party. By the way, the sunrise here is very amazing in the cold weather because only white snow is seen all around. And with the sunlight, amazing view.

Rock sculpture

This rock sculpture on the banks of the river between Romania and Serbia was created by some artists. This face on the mountain looks very beautiful. This sculpture was built by cutting mountains. Thousands of tourists come here everyday to see the view here. This is a very unique place. Whenever you go to Romania, then definitely visit here.

Monasteries of Bucovina

Everyone is surprised to see these monasteries located in bucovina, Romania. Let us tell you that these monasteries have been painted not only from inside but also from outside. The painting above it depict stories related to Romania. Which looks very beautiful. Whenever you go to Romania, then definitely visit here.

So friends, these were some interesting facts about Romania, so I hope you like all these facts. And if you ever go to Romania then you must visit all these places.

The secret behind Japanese people long life

Life expectancy of the people of Japan is the highest in the world after Monaco. Japan is a country that has the largest population of people over 100 years of age, usually an average Japanese man lives 80 years and an average Japanese woman lives 90 years long life, and that not live like the sick but full of energetic and healthy.

Not how long,

but how well

you have lived

is the main thing


So What is the secret of the long life of the Japanese people?

Friends, today’s post is about the long life of Japanese people and the secret behind the amazing health. So not wasting your time and let’s get started.

There are main 3 reasons for long life.

People of Japan believe in living an ordinary life. There is definitely a trend of disco and nightlife in big cities like Tokyo and Osaka, but the rest of Japan lives a simple life and this is their life nectar.

Japan is a country that has not been affected by Western life even in the 21st century. Their culture and lifestyle is as fresh today as it was 300 years ago, even though Japan in technology and industrial development One of the most modern countries in the world, but when it comes to culture and lifestyle, Japan has not progressed much and this lifestyle is the secret of their longevity.

1. Japanese food

Diet and nutrition is the most important in the lifestyle of any human being. If your diet is good then you will always be healthy and if your day starts with Macdonald and ends on donut, then obviously your body will become home to diseases.

Japanese diet is one of the healthiest diet in the world and their food is the biggest contributor to their longevity and good health. In today’s era of fitness conscious, many types of diet plans and exercise plans became very popular. But out of the countless fitness training, very few have been able to reach Japan. If a Japanese person asks which diet you follow, 90 times out of 100 you will get the same answer, what is a diet?

People of Japan do not believe in dieting and they do not need it because their food culture is not very popular with junk food like pizza, icecream and burger etc. Of course McDonald’s, Dominos and KFC in Japan is outdate but the people of their country food Likes more.

So let me give you a little information about traditional Japanese breakfast, lunch and dinner.

On a typical Japanese family dinner table you will always see a variety of dishes, of which at least 50% are fresh vegetables and fruits, 30% rice and soup 20% seafood.

People of Japan believe in not eating too much, but in eating more types of dishes, because of this you will see the table of a Japanese family filled, not because the food is made in large quantities, but because every kind of dish will be placed on the table, And small portions of each dish are served in everyone plate so that people can enjoy different tastes. And this is not the only benefit of eating in this way, eating a little dish like this also filled the stomach quickly and our body gets whole nutrients too without eating too much.

Not only this, Japanese people use small plates, bowls and chopsticks, where small dishes are effective in nutrition control, the same chopstick reduces the speed of eating food, which fills our stomach quickly. Japanese people mostly consume rice, and do not consume dishes made of flour and fine flour. Even at breakfast, he consumes dumplings made of rice and miso soup more than bread.

Japanese people always drink green tea with food, green tea is served before serving in any Japanese restaurant, that is also free. These drinks are very beneficial for the body because they contain a lot of antioxidants. Not only this, drinks like green tea also help in weight loss. Generally, people of Japan avoid red meat such as mutton and prefer to eat seafood, eggs or chicken, due to which their body also gets enough protein and they Nutrients such as omega 3 fatty acids are also provided without increasing cholesterol.

Japanese dishes such as tofu, Neto and miso etc. are made of soybeans. Soybeans contain good amounts of protein, fiber and are found to have compounds such as omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants and phytoestrogens. Japanese food is not only delicious but also good for health, which is why Japanese people rarely get sick, and live a long pleasant life.

Japan’s food is not the only secret of his long life, there are many other things in his lifestyle that are part of his long life.

2. Exercise

Japanese people live a very active life. From children to old people keep walking to keep their bodies active. In Japan, people usually prefer to walk or to cycle to go school or office. Cars are taken out on very special occasions or when they have to go on a long trip, then they take out the vehicles, otherwise people travel, cycle or bullet train. Not only this, physical education in school and university is compulsory for every student, and for this reason, sports and physical exercise are an important part of the lifestyle of Japanese people since childhood.

Exercise is very important for a healthy and long life and there is no shortage of exercise in the life of Japanese people.

3. Cleanliness

The third secret of Japanese people’s longevity is the cleanliness of their country. Japan is one of the cleanest countries in the world because the citizens of Japan leave no stone unturned in cleaning themselves and their surroundings. According to Japanese law, each family must clean the area around their home and the roads around their office and their business. For this reason, cleaning workers are not required.

In addition, all families in every area organize a cleanliness drive every few weeks so that their area is clean and tidy.

And as I already told you that people in Japan do not like to use cars and buses more but prefer to use bicycles more, so there is no pollution problem in Japan. Japan’s major energy sources are nuclear power and hydroelectric power. Which is a big reason why the air of Japan is so clean because the citizens of Japan are so aware of cleanliness, that is why Japan is such a clean country.

And for good health, not only good diet and exercise, but also a clean environment is very important and there is hardly any country in this world whose environment is cleaner and purer than Japan.

So this is the secret behind Japanese people long life. I hope you like this post. You must read 13 interesting facts about japan and Japan lucky cat maneki Neko story.

Thank you

Japan: 13 interesting facts about japan


Japan is a wonderful country, Japan is ahead in technology but with technology it also goes ahead with its culture. What first comes to your mind when you hear about Japan? Some innovative things and technology! right

Japan is an interesting country that is living an advanced life from us. Today we will talk about some interesting facts of Japan which will not stop your mind from saying wow. So not wasting your time Let’s get started.

1. square watermelon

Have you ever heard of square watermelon? No ! Square watermelon is grown in Japan which people can easily put it in the refrigerator and this watermelon is very expensive due to which people prefer to give it as a gift. By the way, square, triangles and heart shaped watermelons are also grown in Japan. This watermelon is grown in a special kind of container by closing it, due to which it becomes such a size.

2. multiple flavours of KitKat

Have you ever heard of KitKat different flavors? No!

KitKat has a huge craze in Japan, here many kitkat flavours are found such as:

Bakeable custard
sweet potato
Blueberry Cheesecake
Brown sugar syrup
Caramel macchiato McFlurry
Cinnamon cookie
Creme brulee
Double cookie
Fruit parfait
Green bean , green tea
cheese and chocolate
Melon with Mascarpone Cheese Roasted Corn
Hot Japanese chili
Kobe pudding
Lemon Cheesecake and etc..

It’s amazing! right

3. black cat good luck

In many countries the black cat is considered a bad omen, but in Japan the black cat is considered auspicious. Japanese people believe that black cat is a symbol of good luck for you. Its best example is Maneki neko cat. which is good luck in Japanese culture. It is considered an good luck charm.

4. No.4 is unlucky in Japan

In Japan no.4 is considered unlucky because of the pronunciation of no.4 is related to death. In Japan no.4 can be read “shi” or “yon” which means death, that’s why in Japan 4 is unlucky.

5. very tasty Poisonous food

Fugu- The Poisonous blowfish

Fugu is a very poisonous fish, but for Japan, this fish is very delicious. in Japan It follows a very strict rule for cooking fugu fish, chefs must be experience for 3 years to cook fugu fish and then undergo multiple test. After being successful in test chef can serve Fugu fish in public.

6. Crooked teeth are considered cute

In Japan crooked teeth called “YAEBA” which is when people have that snaggletooth that is considered cute in Japan. It is very popular in Japan. that’s why Japanese girl give many dollars to create her teeth crooked.

It is amazing! Right.

7. shoes are not allowed in inside home

In Japan before entering in house, you will most likely to asked to remove your shoes and will be given a clean pair of indoor sleeper to wear. You also see this happens at Japanese restaurant. In Japan it is rude to wear shoes inside home. It is considered much more hygienic to remove shoes before entering someone’s house.

8. Fake food

In Japan, you will find fake food in every restaurant. Are fake food looks like real food, due to which you can see what any food will look like after cooking.

9. Nap in public place

If you work anywhere, you are not allowed to take a nap in between job, but while working in Japan, you take a nap, it is a sign of hard work, Japanese people are very hardworking, they often sleep less because of work, So often people take nap during work is common in Japan.

10. Blue traffic light

Traffic lights all over the world have green, red and yellow colors, but the colors of traffic lights in Japan are red, yellow and blue. Earlier green, yellow and red traffic lights used to be in Japan, but in japan green and blue color pronunciation are same. There blue and green colour pronunciation is “Aoi”(青い). that’s why in Japan blue color instead of green in traffic lights.

11. Land of hello kitty

hello kitty was first made in Japan in the year 1979. Because of which you can call it land of hello kitty. Currently, there are at least 20,000 different hello kitty products in worldwide market.

12. School does not have sanitation workers

There is no sanitation workers in the Japanese school. in Japanese school the teacher and student will clean their school together. In Japan cleaning time in school is called “Osouji jikan” (掃除の時間) and is a time when everyone work together to help keep the school clean.

It’s cool! We must keep our earth clean.

13. Vending machine

Now you might be wondering what is the wow factor in this? Vending machines are everywhere. So let me tell you that there are 5.5 million vending machines in Japan. Here you get to see wafers, juices, except vegetables, underwear and even more puppies vending machines. Now this is a fact with wow factor! right

So this are 13 interesting facts about Japan. I hope you like this fact and your mind will definitely say wow.

Thank you

Japanese cat: Maneki neko

If you have ever visited any Chinese or Japanese restaurant or China Town shop, then you might have probably seen a cat figurine besides the billing register, It is a lucky charm that brings good fortune and it is known by the name “Maneki Neko”

It is very famous in Chinese and Japanese culture and it is believed to bring good luck and wealth to it’s owners. that’s why it has now become quite common in shops, restaurants and business, It is also known as money cat.

It is believed that keeping maneki Neko eludes upcoming danger one paw of this cat is always moving continuously.

The story behind this Japanese cat is very interesting and I am going to tell you that story.

The legend of Maneki neko(招き猫)

Tokyo’s Gotokuji temple (豪徳寺)

Once upon a time, there lived a local priest, He looked after Tokyo’s Gotokuji Temple, despite being poor he used to share his food with his pet cat.

Gotokuji Temple(豪徳寺)

Once a samurai was on an excursion in the city, Suddenly it started to rain to save himself from rain, he took shelter under a tree near Gotokuji Temple and he stood under it at the moment. He saw priest’s cat sitting in a corner, who was waving her paws and calling the samurai moved towards her at that very moment, a thunder strike devasted the tree under which samurai had taken the shelter, Due to cat’s signal at the right moment, samurai life was saved. After that, the samurai blessed the owner of the cat to become rich

Maneki neko(招き猫)

After few month, the cat passed away. The priest buried the cat and in her memory, he sculpted her statue which came to be Known as Maneki neko.

After this, people started keeping figurine of this cat in their households to stay away from crises. Even today many people visit gotokuji temple in search of good fortune where the real maneki neko used to live.

At this legendary birthplace near the idol of goddess of Mercy one can see hundred of maneki Neko figurines.

Visitor usually come at Gotokuji Temple and buy maneki Neko figurine and pray for good luck and leave the figurine at the temple, they can also take the figurine at their homes and keep it with themselves, till there wish is fulfilled.

once the wish fulfilled it is recommended to return to gotokuji, thank and place the figurine, once their Wish has been fulfilled.

So that was the story of Japanese lucky cat maneki Neko (招き猫). I hope you like this story. If you ever go to Japan in the future, do not forget to go to Tokyo’s gotokuji temple and get the best wishes from maneki neko.